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As PlatinumVIP Agents, We ONLY Sell Projects with Guaranteed Allocation.
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Deal with Experienced PlatinumVIP Realtors

We are independent REALTORS® working for you on behalf of the Developer’s Products we Represent.

Our team specializes in pre construction sales and through our developer relationships have access to INSIDER SALES & TRUE UNIT ALLOCATION in advance of general Realtors and the general public.

If you are not currently working with a Realtor, we provide a personal consultation to ensure your purchase is a much smoother process. We will answer your concerns and questions, provide you with very important information about the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, your rights as a Buyer and assist you all the way to the closing and any after closing assistance you may require.

If this is your first time buying a pre-construction house/condo, there is a lot to know and you will definitely need some professional guidance. If you are an investor, speak to us first. You will get some great advice as to what to look for. We provide this service free of charge.

Our direct line contact numbers are above. As members of the Toronto Real Estate Board, our team also represents Buyers & Sellers of re-sale properties. We look forward to assisting you with your Real Estate needs. 

We do not represent the Developer...We Represent You! Get Priority Access to New Projects in the GTA!


*PlatinumVIP ACCESS Registration is not intended to be used by Realtors or Buyers under contract with Realtors*

If you are currently working with a Realtor, please advise us and we will remove your profile from our database, as this service is not

intended to interfere and/or solicit buyers represented by another Realtor.



Purchasing Pre-Construction Real Estate:

In order to have the best advantage when purchasing pre-construction Real Estate, it is important to be granted access to purchase before sales are open to the general public. Typically once a developer’s sales office opens to the general public, prices may have gone up. The opportunity for you to invest in a unit at the lowest price possible is before it is open to the general public. You can be one of the first purchasers to be invited to PlatinumVIP sales event long before the presentation centre opens to the general public. This gives you an exclusive opportunity to have the first access to inventory, best pick at unit levels, floor plans, lowest price and the ability to take advantage of any PlatinumVIP incentives the developer may offer.



Pre-construction real estate is sold in the following stages:
  1. FIRST release is to friends, family and business associates of the developers. (5-10% of the units)

  2. SECOND release is to PlatinumVIP Realtors. (30-40% of the units)

  3. THIRD release is to VIP Realtors. (10-20% of the units)

  4. FOURTH release is to the developer’s pre-registrants list. (5-10% of the units)

  5. FIFTH release is to public and general Realtors. (last 10-20% of the units)

With each step along the way, selcetion of quality units goes down and prices trend upwards.



Myth & Reality:

The biggest mistake is to assume that registering on the developer’s website is the best way to get first access at the lowest price. Sales office personnel are working in the interest of the developer.


A PlatinumVIP Realtor® works on your behalf, negotiating the best deal for you, they will shop around and compare different developments and advise you on which property best suits your needs. Prior to Opening Day of a new condo sales office to the general public, prices may have gone up several times. As PlatinumVIP Realtors, we are offering you an opportunity to be FIRST!


Free Benefits for you:

As your experienced Buyer Representatives, we will decipher developer contracts and all the ins and outs of the purchasing processes. We will save you thousands while protecting your best interest based on our expertise, experience and knowledge in the Toronto condominium marketplace.


Not being represented properly or working with the developer unrepresented can be very costly. The developer pays us and therefore you are not responsible to pay any fees for our services that save you thousands.


PlatinumVIP Realtors

PlatinumVIP Realtors have a proven track record with the developer and have sold a large volume of suites resulting in the preferred Platinum relationship.

The developer will give first access to us, the PlatinumVIP Realtors, and authorizes us to share the information with our registrants. Through long standing relationships with Toronto’s Leading Developers, we can offer you access to choice suites with the best incentives at prices lower than the general public will ever see.



True First Access

Working with a TRUE AUTHORIZED PlatinumVIP Realtor® will save you thousands of dollars, countless hours of time and guarantee you the best possible purchase experience.


You will be invited to exclusive events and/or will be first to view pricing, floor plans and special PlatinumVIP incentives. This guarantees you that you get first choice at the lowest initial pricing along with the best incentives.



How do we save you time and money?
  • Access to the First Release, before VIP Agents, general Realtors and general public

  • Analysis of project, suite choice, rental & resale comparables and market stats

  • Referral, to specialized pre-construction lawyers and mortgage agents

  • Immediate savings with PlatinumVIP incentive programs

  • Consultation on project, neighbourhood, ideal layout and builder reputation

  • Guidance during pre-delivery inspection of your home


To reap these valuable benefits and actually save money, it makes sense to work with a professional pre-construction real estate specialist.



When is the best time to buy pre-construction real estate?

Generally the best time to purchase pre-construction real estate is during the PlatinumVIP launch. The prices are the lowest and as sales have just started and the availability is at its best.


In some cases, if the project is between 60-70% sold, the developer may offer a few PlatinumVIP Realtors access to special incentives to reach their construction financing targets (typically 75% of the project should be sold before a bank will finance the construction). Working with a PlatinumVIP Realtor has significant benefits in either scenario. If you aren’t in the know you will miss out on these opportunities.



What are the closing costs?

Buying pre-construction real estate has some additional expenses you should budget for. The amounts will vary depending on purchase price.

  1. Land transfer tax

  2. Legal fees

  3. Development charges and educational levy

  4. Tarion warranty enrolment fee

  5. Builder adjustment fees



How long should I wait before selling my pre-construction real estate?

Every purchaser has their own strategy and goals when investing in real estate but they all fall into one of three categories:


  1. Short term investor: Will sell before final closing or shortly thereafter. Does not want to be a landlord and is looking for appreciation on the deposits above what the bank offers.

  2. Medium term investor: Will rent the property for a few years before selling it for a profit. Allowa you to get a higher return. Renter will pay down mortgage. Most investors fall within this category.

  3. Long term investor: Will rent the property indefinitely with no plans to sell. A way of building wealth and cash-flow over the long term. Real estate being paid off by tenants, steady increase in value over time.


We recommend a medium to long term approach to investing in real estate to create a safe and reliable way to build wealth with a cash producing asset. Your Investment strategy can always be adjusted.


Deal with Experienced Developer Approved PlatinumVIP Realtors

You will receive DIRECT & EARLY ACCESS to the best floor plans and pricing along with PRIORITY UNIT ALLOCATION. Priority Access & Secured Allocation you simply cannot get by going direct.

The incentives below are available to registered clients with pre booked appointments only. Call 416-930-7330 to schedule your appointment today. Offer valid only for a limited time.



PLATINUMVIP MEMBER Incentives & Promotions



CAPPED Development Charges & Levies

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